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July 16, 2008

I love Music games

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Anyone who knows me, already knows this.  Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero will be releasing new titles this fall, and it sounds like both games will be compadible with all the hardware I already have.  The new Guitar Hero, which they will be adding drums and vocals, will be made compadible with my Rock Band gear.  YAY! I really didn’t want to buy another $200 worth of hardware that adds more clutter to my room, and I already own 4 fucking guitars.

But both games play a little diffrently from each other.  For example, Guitar Hero’s drum kit has more pads than the Rock Band drum kit. So how exactly will this work using my Rock Band drums with GH?  Will I be stuck playing on medium level, so to avoid using that extra pad?  Or will the songs just have a diffrent note-chart depends on the hardware you have plugged in?  Sounds like an aweful amount of redundant work to be done.  They even talk about being able to use a midi-drum kit you can use to play, but I forget if it’s with RB or GH.  Ah well im not into drums that much anyway. With that said, I’m more inclined to get the newer GH guitar that apparently has “slide sensors.”  They didn’t get into any details as to WTF that is at E3, but it might be related to my theory about string bending, since it still has 5 buttons on the neck.  I’m thinking each button has a slide sensor on them.  A slide sensor for going up and down the neck seem a little pointless since there’s only 5 buttons at the end of the neck.  We shall see.


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    Comment by TurboSuslik — August 8, 2008 @ 5:20 am

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