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July 5, 2008

Up in smoke!

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My main windows PC’s power supply went bad on me.  When I turn it on it just turns it self off. Some times it will get into windows but if I do anything like run SL, it turns it self off.  The power supply is making weird noises that’s a little hard to describe (faint clicking sparking noises), but something went wrong.

So now im on my ubuntu PC, I get SL working on it rather well. So then I decided to turn it off for the night, but ubuntu didn’t really turn off the PC.  I saw it restart and then I could smell the burning of electronic equipment! OH SHIT! I thought my CPU burned out, or something.  Yet again this PSU went up in smoke.  so now TWO power supplies bit the dust.  What the hell is going on here?

For months now my local power company PG&E power to my house has been flakey at best.  Last May (the day GTA4 was released) they took our power offline to replace a power pole a few houses down.  Since then the lights would constantly flicker and act weird.  They noticed this and was also fixed quickly after they turned off our power yet again.  But for the past month it’s been really bad at least for one circuit in my home.

My uninterpretable power UPS is constantly “clicking” going to battery power and back to AC power.  Over and over dozens of times a day.  Especially when the air conditioner kicks on (which is on a separate 220 circuit), but it never did that BEFORE, at least not this often! Even when the air isn’t on, the UPS is clicking between battery power and AC power.

At first I thought my UPS was just old and I needed a new one.  So for $50 I got a new one, and it behaves just like my OLD one constantly clicking power between battery and AC.  ARG!!  So now my old UPS is giving power backup to my HDTV, cable box, as well as my home network (cable modem, and router) and it’s plugged into a different wall outlet and it clicks on occasion, but NOT as often as it used too before on the other outlet and it’s not as noticeable at all.

Now I have two PC power supplies that have died.  One still works but it’s faulty, and the other just burned out. I don’t know if the burned out one is due to a fluke with unbuntu since it didn’t shut down proper (if it was I’ll NEVER use linux again, Windows never FRIED any hardware).  So now I pulled out another PSU from another computer to get my linux box running again so I can post this.

But I’m also thinking that this can be blamed on PG&E for the fauly noisy power that keeps dropping voltage on me. But it’s really hard to prove that they caused this damage. Especially when it seems it’s an issue on this one circuit, and the others don’t seem to be effected by it.  But even then the AC turning on shouldn’t effect it either.  Sure it might cause the room lights to blink for a millisecond, but not actually make my UPS think it’s been unplugged and start BEEPING at me.

At least it’s ruining power supplies and not the rest of my computers hardware.  But it’s just as annoying, and crippling.  Plus that smell of burnt electronics will linger in my room for days.

I hate stress….  Time to power down this machine again and hopefully the PSU doesn’t take a smoke break on me.


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