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July 3, 2008

Guitar Hero Areosmith

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Guitar Hero Areosmith (GHA) a decent game, but it’s really just a rehash of Guitar Hero 3 (GH3). There’s no change in game play, they didn’t add anything new, and there is no DLC for this title, but it does have XBL play like GH3.  In fact GHA is just a reskined GH3, it even uses the EXACT same tutorial session (except the ending dosen’t mention “Hit me with your best shot” song.)

It’s also a LOT easier compared to the impossible songs on the last venue on GH3 in expert. I’ve still not finished GH3 on expert because it’s just fucking impossible. Only idiot savants can beat this game on expert. In fact GHA only has about 40 songs, so the whole game can be finnished off in a few hours in a single setting.

At first while playing it, I didn’t like any of the songs. The first few venues of songs weren’t really all that great, and not all of them are Areosmith songs.  But the “story mode” for single play sorta summirieses the carrer path of Areosmith, and recreates the venues they played at.

There were some supprises that I enjoyed where DMC (from Run DMC, the one with glasses) came on stage and started sing.. er rapping “Kind of Rock” as well as “Walk this way” later on in carrer mode.  There was also some Ted Nugent (Cat Scratch Fever) which I enjoyed (Nuuuuuudge! \m/)

There’s only one guitar battle boss you have to deal with towards the end of the game. Which was arguably GH3 drawback, especially when you fight Lou at the end. You fight against Joe Perry, and even on expert it wasn’t that difficult for an experienced player. I was able to beat him on my first try, even though I assumed I would fail multiple times.  After you finish the game, there’s another song you get to play as the credits roll, just like on GH3 playing TTFAF, but you don’t really need to play it.

So the game was a lot more FUN than GH3 was.  GH3 for me was just too fucking hard and it became UN-FUN for me where GH2 was always a joy (and considering GH2 had a diffrent development team).  GHA brings back the fun that GH3 stole from me (and had been replaced by Rock Band for months now).  However with short set list, about half the content compared to the other GH titles, no DLC, and it’s obvious re-vamp of GH3 (so there was little development) and not much replay value why is this game selling for $60?

If you’re eager to play this, borrow or rent this game and then buy it once it drops in price.  Or at least buy it with out the guitar. Like I really need more plastic guitars here. I already have my Xplorer, wireless Les Paul, and my two Rock Band guitars. And the one that comes with GHA is just another Les Paul with a diffrent face plate.

The new Guitar Hero 4 may make me get a new guitar, since it SOUNDS like they are adding a new function or feature to it, as well as adding drums and vocals. The new guitar will probably have extra buttons (yet old guitars are still playable) but even a 6th (or more) button that sounds good to me.

Oh as for Guitar Hero on tour, for the Nintendo DS; I’ll pass. I don’t own a DS, don’t plan too, and the way the game is played, with only 4 buttons just looks way too akward.  And it dosen’t sound like it’s getting good reviews anyway.  It might be good for someone who’s never played Guitar Hero before, but it’s too weird for anyone who’s had experiance with using a guitar controller.


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