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June 29, 2008

New PC and a new Doctor!

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I have a new PC and it’s taking some time moving my stuff over, and getting it to how I like it. Big problem is this new PC won’t take the 4gigs of RAM I paid $90 for some stupid reason. So now I can only use 2gb for now. It’s still wicked faster than my older machine in most respects, and it’s a quad core!

Looks like David Tennant will be looking for a new job, as the Doctor was shot by a Dalek and is in the middle of a regeneration at the end of this weeks episode in a big cliffhanger.  Next weeks episode will be the season finalle, and I’m hearing roumors that the series won’t pick up till 2010.  Hopefully we will have Torchwood, and Sarah Jade Adventures to fill the void in the meantime.  But really it’s sad to see Tennant’s Doctor die off, with so much death going on recently even a fantasy death of a fictional character still seems sad, and dissapointing.  Ida know, im hoping that something happens to the Doctor and David Tennant remains as the Doctor for a while longer. Remember his severed hand in the jar is on the tardis, I can’t help but think that’s going to play some sort of role.


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