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June 12, 2008

New iPhone

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Wow, it’s only $200. I’m no apple fanboy, far from it, but most smart phones are in the $500 range like the iPhone used to be, but now faster, and cheaper. Steve Jobs is a genius at crushing the competition by overcharging the apple fanboys who willingly over hyped the product. Then dropped the price a few months later. And now releases a new 3G phone with better speeds, and battery life and drops the price to a mere $200, now nearly ANYONE can afford it, crushing the Blackberry!

I may likely get one since it’s so cheap, however I hope the new 3G iPhone will be as “hackable” as the original one is. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the old home brew hacks for it will not work on this new model. So while I would like to get one, and I’m already an existing AT&T customer, I think I’ll wait a while after everyones been using the new iPhone, see some reviews and reports before I drop two Bens on one.


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