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May 28, 2008

Let the ass kissing comence

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The new CEO of Linden Labs just reported on his first week in-world on the Linden Blog.  Yada-yadda-yadda. As one would expect, the replies from residents were very typical.  It were as if we just elected a new president, and everyone is ass-kissing him up BIG TIME, as well as the long winded jaded users who want him to focus on this, and fix that, and work the other thing.  Who really reads all that shit people post?

I really doubt much will change or improve better than if we didn’t have a CEO. The majority of the problems we have are technical issues that the CTO deals with, not the CEO.  CEOs are just figure heads that only deal with public and make statements to them to rally them up when things seem stale and boring, or to calm down when there’s a controversy.  A lot like what the president of the USA does, or any high public office does.

He is also culpable of everything that has gone wrong, and will go wrong at Linden Labs.  I think this is why Phillip left his CEO position to avoid more flack and stress from being in that position so he can focus on getting the real work done, and not deal in lip service anymore.  Plus he won’t be responsible if they have to do anything drastic like massive layoffs and downsizing.. which doesn’t seem likely, but that’s common occurance for when a new CEO takes the helm of a company.

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