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May 26, 2008

Things that bug me about my EEE PC 900

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Tapping on the touchpad often causes a double tap. It’s really annoying when you’re trying to put a checkmark on a field, for it to remove the check the moment you put it there. There is a sensitivity setting in the touchpad drivers but it STILL occurs.

Another problem is I hate the mouse buttons. They are difficult to click, and some times they don’t actually “click” on anything even when I do hear/feel it make a click noise. Often it’s just easier to just hit ENTER to launch a shortcut icon.

Going into sleep mode, and leaving it there for hours results in a locked up PC. It will not wake up from the prolonged sleep, causing it to go into a coma. You’re forced to hold down the power button for 6+ seconds to force a power down, and reboot. Some times the wakeup sequence takes longer than it would for it to just reboot.

SSD performance is poor. It still boots windows moderately fast compared to a normal hard drive, but all other functions, once you’re in Windows, launches just as slow (or slower) than a normal HDD. HD Tach reports <40mb/s which his piss poor even for an old 2gb IDE hard drive from 10 years ago.

Battery life is great, even under Windows XP, but the battery icon in the system tray doesn’t give a whole lot of info. It would be nice if the hovering tool tip would show more than just % of remaining power. Other laptops will also give an estimate ETA (hours/minutes) of battery time left. And why does it only show in 10% increments, until it’s under 10%?

I wish laptops came with a power drain mode, where I can set it to fully deplete the battery before I charge it again. Rather than rebooting the PC a hundred+ times to fully drain the battery. This will allow me to prolong the life of the battery, and reduce the risk of battery memory.

Second Life performance is poor, but it’s enough to get on and I.M. for a few hours. Don’t try to explore SL with it, you won’t see much even if you’re are able to move around. This is to be expected with integrated Intel graphics with shared memory. I need too upgrade it to 2gb of RAM, which should help performance.


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  1. i know exactly what you mean about EVERYTHING.

    Comment by Trina — July 27, 2008 @ 2:33 am

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