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May 15, 2008

New PC!

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Well it’s my very first laptop. The Asus EEE PC 900 which is a so-called “ultra portable” that is small, light (about 2lbs) and contains no moving parts (aside form the keyboard).  Like the Mac Book Air, it has no optical drive, nor a typical hard drive.  It uses a solid state hard drive (SSD) to store data and to boot from. Which is ironic since it COMES with a recovery DVD, yet it has no optical drive at all. It has a total of 20gb of storage (one 4gb drive to boot from, and 14gb for extra storage) 1gb RAM, 9inch widescreen (1024×600), a few USB ports, SD card slot, VGA, RJ-45, and Wifi.

It comes with Linux that’s very Windows XP-ish style that Asus created to a point.  You don’t really have a desktop, you just have a tabbed window that’s broken down into “internet” “work” “games” and so forth.  Anyone familiarized with Windows XP will have no problem using this.  All the apps you’ll never need (well nearly) are pre-installed.  Comes with Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, as well as many KDE apps.  Even it’s “File management” app looks spookingly familaure to Windows Explorer.  It even refers to external storage devices with a drive letter.  But it is linux under the hood, so you don’t see a C: drive.

If you have a USB CD drive, you can install Windows XP on this with no problems.  It is afterall a full PC with normal BIOS you can  get into by press F1 when it boots up.  You can also buy this with Window XP already preinstalled, but it comes with a smaller SSD storage.  Not sure why this is, but both units cost the same price, so the smaller SSD must be offsetting the cost of purchasing a WinXP license.

I can’t get Second Life to run on this little Lappy.  I’ve been able to run SL Linux port on Ubuntu with no problems, but It seems this OS that the EEE PC uses isn’t’ in 32bit color mode.  Not sure if I can change it to 32bit color mode, and if I did it might degrade it’s performace, since it’s a very low powered Celeron M 900mhz machine.  The video is apparently some Intel chipset, but THAT should be enough for minimum system requirements for SL.  So, I may need to install Windows XP to make this a little easier, since I know my way around windows more than this.  But this little OS is stripped down comared to even Ubuntu, which at least lets me change video modes and settings.  I’m not even sure how to get into the linux console and screw around on the command line.

Despite it not being in 32-bit color mode, video playback is actually not to shabby.  Playing back a Dvix (or Xvid) movie I downloaded off bit torrent, looks fine.  Best with the power plugged in so the CPU is in full swing.

So I will try installing Windows XP to see if I can get SL to work.  I could also try a different flavor of Linux (maybe ubuntu) and see how that works out.  The lappy came with another CD that holds drivers for all the hardware for Windows XP.  So they really don’t mind if you install Windows XP on your own.



  1. To get X ( your graphical service coming with the linux-distro ) into 32-bit mode , change the line in the file xorg.conf (probably located at ‘/etc/X11) in the “Screen” section called DefaultDepth to 24 and restart your X. You should able to display applications in 32-bit colors. My two cents before you degrade your brandnew laptop with M$ .. 😉

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 21, 2008 @ 2:22 am

  2. How is it a degrading when you have to go though all that bullshit just to change color depth, when in windows it’s just a few clicks of a mouse? Heck even with ubuntu it’s a few clicks to do the same thing, but it never KEEPS the setting when you reboot, im always having to change resolutions and refresh rates when I boot my Ubuntu box.

    Besides the Linux distro that comes with the EEE PC is really limited. There are no OpenGL drivers on it which is another reason why SL wouldn’t run, and it’s so-called “desktop” is bascially locked down and you really can’t add any applications on it to launch if you’ve installed anything new.

    Installing windows on it was an UPGRADE since now (amazingly) I can do more stuff now! So please take your linux smugness and shove it up your ass. Which is about as bad as a mac fanboy.

    Comment by hugsalot — May 21, 2008 @ 9:51 am

  3. Appearantly you do not deserve to be root to know what you are doing..

    Very likely considering your response.

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 21, 2008 @ 5:04 pm

  4. did u get your lappy working on sl? i want one if it can. i hear someone got it on the 8g model but mainly for chat.

    Comment by jacki — May 26, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

  5. Jacki: Yes it works on SL under Windows, but it’s not very good. Anything less than the EEE PC 900 series will run it a LOT worse since those models are slower.

    WiLLuMPJiH: fuck you. Linux will never be a consumer OS because of excentric douchebag nerds like you will never let it to be. Otherwise you’ll lose your sense of elitist smugness so you can continue to feel superior to everyone else by running an esoteric operating system.

    Comment by hugsalot — May 27, 2008 @ 8:42 am

  6. You think I let you not use Linux like you would as a consumer ?

    Boy … you ARE raging, ignorant AND too stupid to take advice altogether … not my problem you cannot compute simple English … ^.^

    I’m outta here … You just type in your beloved Administrator-password, click OK and fuck yourself up a little more and drop dead for all I care… 😛

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 27, 2008 @ 11:09 am

  7. /me just shrugsalot and dissolves into thin air with a 10,000 stare..

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 27, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

  8. You seem to miss my point since YOU’RE the one that seems to NEED simple English to understand what I just said. If I say a word you don’t understand LOOK IT UP DUMBASS! You’re on the internet after all, aren’t you? Is it so hard to open another web window/tab and look up a word you need a definition for? Jezz and I thought smart people used Linux. Hell if everyone in the world were brilliant computer users, we’d still be in the DOS era. Have fun with your nerd Linux power, so you’ll feel better than us lowly windows users. Dipshit.

    Comment by hugsalot — May 27, 2008 @ 4:23 pm

  9. You don’t have a point.

    Linux IS already a user-friendly consumer product. You are just too biased and fucking stupid to make proper use of it. Can’t even set it to 32-bit ? .. tsk..

    But sure .. use your Microshit anytime like advised to you as a ‘Sure , sir .. we can make you a woman.. ‘

    Klootzak zonder lul die je bent …

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 27, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

  10. You just don’t shut up do you. You’re the one that has the backwards point, and lets go back to your first reply. You describe an all too convoluted way to change the color depth of your desktop in Linux. In windows, it’s just a few mouse clicks to do the same thing, and you don’t even need to use the keyboard.

    How is that “user friendly?” Obviously it is not. Esoteric operation systems, by definition, is not user friendly (look up the word “esoteric” please). It’s not that I’m too stupid to know how to do it, it’s I don’t WANT to know because it’s far too involved to figure out. I have no need to get deep into a Linux OS; especially when there’s already something else that’s much easier to use, and actually does more of the things I need an OS to do.

    I’m not denying it’s more powerful OS, a more stable OS, but it’s NOT a user friendly OS. This is why Linux/Unix is better suited for servers. So please.. for the LAST fucking time. Get off your geek high horse, and stop being a douche bag and repeating your self over and over again with the same bullshit I keep shooting down. Or just go away already like you said you were going to do.

    Comment by hugsalot — May 28, 2008 @ 9:32 am

  11. Honestly. I never meant any harm.

    But I’m off.. without resent.

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 28, 2008 @ 4:43 pm

  12. And come one .. for once admit you’re wrong… it’s just takes a text-editor ( like your ‘precious Notepad in Windows ) to do what I suggested.

    How is that ‘esoteric’ ? That is WAY over the top .. ( beside your obvious incessive need to be hurtingly profane ).

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 28, 2008 @ 4:50 pm

  13. I’m no geek , btw .. just somebody on wellfare .. nothing special.

    Comment by WiLLuMPJuH — May 28, 2008 @ 4:56 pm

  14. I take no offense or harm in this conversation, just a bit of frustration. However I’m referring to Linux being esoteric. I think you don’t know English that well, which is probably what started this whole flame up.

    Comment by hugsalot — May 28, 2008 @ 8:18 pm

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