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May 5, 2008

Death to Panther

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Lindens made a post that they are planing on dropping support for OS X “Panther” that was released back in 2002. Keep in mind this was back before Macs switched over to Intel. “Tiger” and now “Leopard” had followed the Intel switch. LL will simply stop testing to see if the SL viewer will function on Panther, and no longer support it in their SDK. Many Mac software producers have already dropped support for Panther also, so it’s logical for LL to do the same since they see only 0.25% of all their users are running Panther.

Which is still 15,000 users, if you believe there are over 6 million users (which the login screen no longer displays, lol). But on any given day there’s about 50,000 users online, so that makes it only 125 users! So yeah fuck those 125 Mac users Running on old G3’s!

As most people know as a stereotype, Mac users tend to buy up whatever is new that Apple makes. So if there’s a new Mac laptop, people come in droves and form lines over night (or a week) to buy them. So it’s a no-brainier for these users to instantly upgrade to a newer version of their OS, even if they have to pay for it. And if thier hardware is too old to run the new OS, then they buy a new Mac. Apple has always been known to orphan their users when they come out with something new. So this is old hat for Mac users anyway, and they don’t seem to mind acting like zombified sheep buying everything Steve Jobs shits out of his ass.

Not so for PC users, since we are STILL rooted, even after about 20 years, on Intel’s old 80386 CPU. This is mostly due to boring cooperations who bought up so much WinTel hardware, and prefer the stats quo. They don’t want fix something that isn’t broken (or break it more than it already is), and since so many office workers use Windows machines they get the same thing for home use. Thus this is how Microsoft has such a huge marketshare, especially when you consider people are STILL using Windows 95 to this day (maybe even DOS, and Windows 3.1x for some esoteric reason)

So when I read they were about to drop Panther support, because it came out SO long ago, the first thing I thought of was that Windows XP should be dropped too, since it came out in 2001. Of course this will not occur since the majority of users STILL use windows XP! Duh, why would Linden Labs kill off the majority of their user base? Though it would cut down 99% of the noobtards that login.

But if you look the system requirements for Second Life, they still support Windows 2000 (which came out in 1999), which I don’t think even Microsoft supports anymore. But Win2k is actually a really GOOD little OS, it has a much smaller foot print than Windows XP (w2k installs under 1 gig), a LOT more stable, runs just about everything XP runs, and uses the exact same drivers as XP. Linden Labs would probably support Windows 95, 98, and M.E. if they were based on Windows NT (as 2000, XP and vista are).

Also you should know that LL officially supported Windows Vista was only just this past FEBRUARY! Seems LL is slow on supporting, and dropping, on many OSes. Thanks Gawd that most of the Linux support is open source. I have a 2nd PC with Ubuntu installed, and it works fine, but it’s a slow PC. I’m considering to dabble on the OS X scene eventually, and play with it.

Sometimes it’s more fun to be OS agnostic… Assuming that’s the correct term in this case. >shrug<


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