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May 1, 2008

Grand Theft Achevements

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I’m seeing 90% of my online friends on XBL who also have GTA4 and some of the achevements I found really odd in how my friends even got it, when it clearly shows they haven’t advanced much into the game based on the achevements they already have. The main one is the one where you survive five minutes with a six star wanted level. Early in the game you can’t really get more than three star wanted level anyway. Until I found the helecopters!

All you gotta do is find the choppers on the 2nd island (south east end), jack one of the helicopters, and fly over towards the 3rd island. The moment you’re over the 3rd island (you’re not supposed to be there yet) you’ll get an instant SIX star wanted level. woot! All you gotta do is fly around for 5 mins and you’ll get the achevement. It’s really easy, just take a lap around all the island’s coast lines, and that should take about 5 minutes. It’s not to hard to out run the police helicopters while you’re just stalling for more time. But after you’re done, and you wanna land, you’ll be in a world of shit.

One of the things they did to make GTA4 more realistic are how the Paint ‘n Sprays (PnS) work. First of all you can’t use them till you’re introduced to them in the game. Also once you use one, three hours will pass. People standing around won’t be there anymore when you pull out; even vehicles parked near by will be gone or changed. This is a lot more realistic than the instant paint job and the police who were chancing you before suddenly act stupid and lose track of you pulling into the garage. In fact if the police DO see you pull into the PnS, the door won’t close. You can only use the PnS when the cops don’t see you going into it. I learned that the hard way when I had the six star wanted level, and you’re totally swarmed by cop cars shooting at you. I’m not really sure it’s possible to run away from a six star wanted level because that “zone” on the map that encompasses you never seems to slide away from you as you move away from it, as it does with lower wanted levels. One of the achievements is to slip out of a four star wanted level, with out using a PnS apparently.

I also picked up Bully and it’s not bad so far, and I don’t seem to be having problems running it on my older Xbox 360. There was an update to the game the moment I popped it into my 360, so I assume they fixed those problems.

I’m also planning on getting those cool little EEE PC made by Asus. But the model I want is the 900 series that has a bigger 8.9 inch display, more ram, and a bigger SSD, as well as a newer touch pad that works a lot like the iPhone finger gestures. And it comes with either Windows XP or a custom version of Linux. Unfortunately the 900 series won’t be out for a couple more months for the States. And it might be powerful enough to run Second Life, since I have ran SL on desktop PCs with somewhat lesser hardware as the EEE PC has. It’s just a matter if it’s video is decent enough. I’ve not read all the specs on the newer EEE PC; it may even have a faster CPU then the older models.

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