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April 7, 2008

Nicholaz quits

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 1:47 am

After reading his long soliloquy, Nick will no longer be releasing new versions of SL Viewer that he’s been sucsesfully creating.  He’s fixed a lot of bugs that the Lindens don’t seem to bother implementing, and has polished out a very stable viewer compared to what the Lindens have created.

After reading his blog he seems not only short on time to make a new build of the viewer based on 1.19x, but he seems utterly disgusted towards the Lindens to the point of burn out.  The main reason why he made this, was to squash bugs HE saw the need to fix, and not wait around for the Lindens to get around to it (if at all).  But since the Lindens haven’t yet released any new source code, and the fact that the binary crash reporter is removed from the viewer; he can’t debug anything!  Add to the constant asset problems that occur on a daily basis now, can you really blame Nick from just giving up?  Good luck Nick!


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