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March 26, 2008

Beat all songs! woot!

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I finally beat all the songs in Rock Band, in expert guitar.  This includes all the bonus and DLC songs I have, but I don’t have them all.  The two biggest songs I couldn’t get past were Green Grass and High Tides (by The Outlaws) which I was able to pass about a month ago, which lead me to beat the game in expert (final song for guitar) as well as finnish off the Endless set list in Expert (Platinum artist).  Recently I just FIVE stared GG&HT! \m/

The last song that I wasn’t able to beat, until just now, was Metalica’s “Ride the Lightning” which has an almost impossible solo. (Woot! Overdrive!) All of Metalica’s songs are fucking hard, with the possible expection of “Enter Sandman” which comes with Rock Band on the game disc, and isn’t hard, but really fun!  The Metalica DLC pack contains all very hard songs, including Blackend (which is THE most hardest song, which I beat a while ago, even before GG&HT) and “…And Justice for All” also a song I already had beaten.

There was a BIG huge update to Rock Band this past week, adding a music store right in the main menu, making it VERY VERY easy to get songs and it’s well organized so you don’t mistakenly download a single if it’s included into a pack.

Each song plays a preview sample (you have to select it first, and then DL the sample, and it stays on your Xbox forever) it also gives you a rating on difficulty for every insturment as well as “band play” showing how hard the song is.

You can also sort this list in any way you like, by song, by artist, by overall difficulty, and genre.  There’s even cover art of the album the song comes in, unless it’s a cover song by Rock Band, it just shows Rock Band’s logo title.

Only thing missing (asside from free DLC for Rock Band) are in-game videos of the songs so we can get an idea on how these songs play.  But until then we have YouTube and this cool guy named Npeaen who seems to have downloaded every DLC avaliable for Rock Band, and has recorded both Guitar and Bass play so we can see if we want to buy these songs.  He also has a few band plays.  For Drum and vocal players, you can easily find said videos on Youtube.


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