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March 14, 2008

Phillip stepping down from CEO, may he return with lPod.

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I’m getting that same creapy feeling I got when I heard the CEO of was stepping down, back 3+ years ago, and after he left basically went to shit. Now I’m getting that same feeling now with Phillip stepping down.  I just saw the last GigaOhm show (rev3) where they interviewed him, and it reminded me when I met Tom, CEO of back years ago when we all had a conference.  Then less than a week after that he announced he was leaving the company.

Sure is still online and runing, but it’s very stagnent, and barely any progress has been made.  Oh sure you can buy Coca-Cola shwag now, but who gives a shit? has squandered since the core people who created (and who’ve I’ve met in person, Tom, Steve, Ken, etc.) and built that technology, left.  Leaving the company with employees who only seem to know how half the system works, and don’t know the nuances of that system.

Usually when a CEO leaves a company, especially when they FOUNDED the fucking business, can mean one of two things.  The responsibilities of the CEO have grown too much, and Phillip is stressing out too much.  Or, Phillip is not a really good CEO, or dosen’t want to take responsibility for “mean” decisions (not necessarily bad) if the decied to lay off a huge number of employees, Phillip won’t be the responsible, since the new CEO would be, so they need a professional with a past reputation to step in to do the job right.

Apple did something similar back in the 80’s when Jobs left to form NeXT, brought in an ex-CEO from Pepsi, co. and Apple nearly fell off the map before Jobs returned and revializied the company with a new produict that WASN’T a personal computer (iPod).

Maybe Phillip Linden will come back in four years just before Linden Labs files for bankruptcy and invent the lPod (that’s a small “L” for Linden-Pod), so we can all play SecondLife on a portible device, and we will all rejoice!  Doesn’t sound far fetched though. in 4-5 years technology could be advanced where a computer PC system of today’s midrage specs could be compressed down to the size of a PSP to play Second Life (or any MMO) portably.


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