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March 6, 2008

Two weeks later same old shit

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 11:15 am

Yeah all I see now on the Linden blog is one announcement after another about yet another update, rolling restart, and/or client update. What happened to the days when only the lag interrupted our online sessions? Now it’s constant interruptions are from the lindens them selves, what great service! WTF are they doing? Is it still broke, and they keep fixing it, or what? I haven’t noticed any changes in performance or bug issues since this year started, I’m actually seeing MORE, so what the FUCK are they actually doing?  Why the need for so many rolling restarts when the sims crash so often on their own anyway?

Muting objects with the new viewer client is now even more cumbersome, if not damn near impossible. Now when you check the check-mark to mute the offending object, it WON’T KEEP. The check mark just vanishes as if you had nothing highlighted in the names list. It’s bad enough having to hunt down the fucking object’s name in the name list just for it to DISAPPEAR by the time you find it, and now the fucking mute just doesn’t work anymore. You’re forced to manually add the object name into the mute list, and type the entire name in. Which is usually 25 characters long, and you probably can’t spell it properly from memory after it’s vanished from the list.


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