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January 9, 2008

Good job Lindens

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I didn’t think the Lindens were even qualified to Win an Emmy award, I though that applied to television shows?  …who knew but congrats anyway.  God knows what they won an Emmy for.  I read the article but it still made no sense.. not that I give a flying shit anyway.

This is on the heels of a big data base upgrade where they are expanding the number of servers, which should hopefully alleviate the gridlock on database queries. In theory. Right now it’s still a sloppy mess.  But this is normal when the service returns online from a prolonged downtime when 40,000 users (mostly alts and bots) try to login at the same time and they all hit the database server at the same time as thier clothing and attachments download to them

Three hours later, and there has been no progress.  I still look like a gray ruthed doll with no attachments, nor hair.  I can’t even change body shapes or clothes or it says “Can’t change  appearance until clothing and shape are loaded.”  So that means I’m stuck like this until; who knows when.   Even in my environment around me is partly loaded with gray textures.  I can’t teleport anywhere since it just gives up since it’s not able to complete my teleport request in a “timely fashion” as if everything else is done in a timely fashion?  Hell I’d rather have it done in a SLOW fashion, than not at all.

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