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December 30, 2007

Douche Bag of the year awards 2007

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I’ve about had it with all these up tight, thin skinned, immature, self important assholes who can’t seem to get over the fact that it’s just a fucking game here. I just need to get this off my ample chest, so I’m going to post this here. If you feel offended by this post; tough shit.

This might be an annual list I’ll create at the end of every year, since Douche Baggary seems to be a wide spread phenomenon. While everyone else is trying to have some fun, make a few Linden bucks; these assholes seem to have this near-paranoid predisposition that everyone is against them, stepping on their toes, and stealing their ideas.

They either can’t handle getting their “chops busted” so they can’t take a joke; yet they dish it themselves. Then there are the megalomaniacs who are so overly paranoid about others might be competing “against” them; as if we have a lot of choices as to what we can do in SL, things get easily redundant in SL anyway (any one bother counting how many dance club, malls, and escort services there are out here?) Plus we get people who think they are the RIAA’s answer to Second Life, with lawyers too!

There are a few of these douches that play SL who seem to have the biggest power trips in SL, but I won’t name any names. But anyone who’s has spent any significant time in SL (especially in the shemale scene) should probably know who these people might be. But if not you can probably relate this to the crowd you hangout with online, or maybe in real life.

The megalomaniac douche
One of these douche baggaries is one I’ve had nearly no interaction with personally, but this one user is so fucking immature and paranoid about some perceived competition by other users that anyone who opens up their own shemale-friendly hangout place is instantly targeted by this user and is sent harassing, IMs of complaints and empty threats. Then you’re given an instant ban to this persons establishment when you probably never set foot there. Even if the name of your place just sounds remotely similar to theirs you get this tirade of bullshit from this user, and subsequently banned. Plus this person is so controlling of their establishment, that if their employees are found to spend any time at these other establishments, they are also fired and baned. This person wants so much control of the so-called “shemale scene” on SL it’s ridiculous, and doesn’t seem to realize it’s not something to be owned, let alone controlled with a tyrant’s iron fist. On top of this, this idiot spams the hell out of everyone to advertising their establishment. Oh if you complain about the spam? Welcome too the ban list, which by-the-way the ban list is almost near the max of 300 user bans. Even if you’re nice and polite you could still get banned!

The thin skinned douche
Another one of these users I’ve dealt with directly on numerous occasions, and is someone who shares a lot of my own personalty quirks; which is why we seem to butt heads all too often but he seems to take things FAR too seriously. He seems to be easily offended by nearly any side comment that was said in jest, and in private, and can carry a grudge forever. That’s one trait I really don’t have, I can get really pissed and vengeful towards someone, but after a day I just let it go. I have more things to worry about that dwell on some online asshole for months at a time. Besides if you’re so thin skinned and can’t take a fucking joke, then go fuck your self. When you behave like a total flake about what you’re going to do with your establishment, and then yank the rug out from everyone, and complain about people showing up at your door step when you’re tucked away in a corner with your girlfriend having an intimate moment, YOU SHOULD EXPECT THE INTRUSIONS you ASSHOLE. The sad part is that that lovely lady he has as a GF apparently isn’t aloud to remain friends with me anymore. I wonder if he sees me as competition towards her, and might be a bit afraid of losing her? Still no excuse to be a total douche to ban me over personality issues, and I never broke any of his rules he had. But then threatens me with information of who I am in real life. As if it matters when 90% of the people who use second life don’t play as them selves in world ANYWAY. Otherwise what would be the FUCKING POINT of playing Second Life (or use any online service for that matter) if we just mimic our RL selves?

The selfish douche
This last douche bag had hired some toadie to do his bullying and down talking for him. He is a well known vendor of overpriced, and flaky and defective products (no it’s not Xcite, that stuff actually works too well) which many others have taken a cue from some of his good ideas and have improved upon them. I think he’s been around since the Beta days of SL. He’s overly protective of his so-called “intellectual properties” that he will try to sue you into oblivion if you use any thing he created, especially if you made it look or function better. Or copied anything that might resemble something he’s made.The thing is that most people learn how to do things by looking at how people make things. It’s called learning by example, when you take a product and change it, enhance it, tweak it.. and you end up learning how things work. The open source community is based on learning on other peoples work. Not to say that this person things are public domain, nor open source. But when they start complaining to you how you “didn’t even use your own scripts” or “don’t have a creative whim in you” when this person products also contains materials NOT made by him either, their argument falls short.

The Biggest douche of all
Me! Sure I admit it.. I admit I’m a total asshole sometimes. I’m sorry if I’ve ever pissed anyone off, stepped on your toes, stole your stuff, or made you feel like you’re less than human. At least I can admit it, can you? Two douches don’t make a right, and putting a douche with a noobtard will always cause problems. :Þ



  1. Just saw this. Names plz, thx. =)

    Comment by Wildefire Walcott — January 30, 2008 @ 5:37 pm

  2. Nope other than my self, I’m not naming names for a reason. They know who they are anyway and hopefully they can learn from it, and this can all be forgotten.

    Comment by hugsalot — January 31, 2008 @ 6:02 am

  3. Meowhi.

    Re: Douches

    I totally know who you are hinting at but I will not name names. What boggles my mind is that person ended up in the same publication my bestest friend was featured in.

    To think I used to work for him/her.

    All the smack I’ve been talking (because I have to agree, from your viewpoint, that avatard is a douche), I’m surprised that person hasn’t banned me from his/her land yet.

    I’ve had several friends work for him/her and all end up quitting because… well, you know. When it comes to Human Resources, that place is like Grand Central Station, so many folk just in and out as quickly as they were hired.

    Seriously though, if I ever need to go slumming I know what place to go to.

    I saw your ads around SL, you go girl! Glad to see your face is getting alot more exposure. Whenever I think about classy intersexed avatars Two names come to mind: Hugsie and Toir.

    Also, thank you for providing the newbies with freebie bits that don’t suck.

    You are my role model, and a role model for all ruddy-tressed shemales everywhere. Much love for you from this kitty.

    Hit me up sometime, I’m constantly cleaning my IM list of people who Friend me and then don’t speak to me for the next six months.

    Comment by Alita Hula — March 25, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

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