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December 18, 2007

Xbox compensation…

Filed under: Gaming! — Hugsie @ 2:18 pm

…is a joke.

When I finnally spoke to them about getting some goodies for having four Xbox units take a shit on me, all I could manage was an Xbox vision camrea. Big whoop. They had a small selection of games that were either old and I didn’t want it, or I already had it. They couldn’t offer me Microsoft Points either. How disappointing…

Also they repaired my Xbox, so I’m getting the same one back on Thursday via FedEx, not UPS, since I need it back before I leave town for the hollidays this weekend. All they had to do was replace the dead DVD-Drive, hell I could have done that my self, but I wouldn’t be able to keep my warranty. Let’s hope they installed a newer model (BenQ) drive into it. But you’d think after having four failed units, I’d be entitled to a NEW fucking Xbox, otherwise this unit will probably end up with the 3 red lights in about a month or two anyway. I’ve yet to have an Xbox last more than 4 months.


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