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December 7, 2007

Mpeg4 and Xbox 360

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After trying out different formats from various podcasts (most podcasts offer different formats flavors, h.264, divx, .mov, .m4v, .wmv, etc.), it turns out that the new mpeg4 codecs for the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update does indeed work with quicktime/h.264 formated videos, for which the majority of podcast videos are formated in. Also it plays them very smooth letting you FF and RW just as easily as if they were wmv files.

But there’s a catch; it will not see files with .mov and .m4v extensions. Actually the Xbox ignores all extensions except .avi and .wmv. So all you have to do is add the .avi extension to the quicktime (.mov/.m4v) file you want to watch, and it should appear on your Xbox for your viewing pleasure.

h.264, divx/xvid are all mpeg4 codecs with slightly different headers. Most of them are really just properly “formatted” for use with video iPods but it’s all the same thing.

I don’t know of any RSS apps that allow you to rename the file after it’s downloaded. Otherwise you’ll have to do all of this manually, which is what I already do. Most RSS readers that I’ve used don’t let you put the podcasts you download into a specific folder, let alone let you rename it so you can play it on the device you want to use it on. Maybe if Microsoft ever adds RSS/podcast support into the Xbox 360 (why not?) this might change, and it would forever change the way I use my Xbox 360 if they added RSS/podcast support (audio and video). As long as i can enter in actual URLs of RSS feeds (though that could prove cumbersome), rather than being limited to whatever podcasts they have featured in marketplace.

Anyway, even though my Xbox 360 has a bad DVD-Drive, I can still use it to watch videos and movies, or play DLed games on my hard drive. The mailer box for my 360 should arrive this Monday (10th), but I’m still waiting for the “Elite Xbox team” to contact me about compensation (if any) about my constant failures with my Xbox 360. And they might not ever call me about it if they deem I don’t deserve any compensation. Right… after three “Three Red Lights o’ Death” and now a failed DVD-Drive, none of which is MY FAULT, and I paid for an extended service contract; how could they possibly conclude I don’t deserve something? Some MS Points? A free game though their selection are probably games I already own. My Gamerscore would be over 10,000 if I didn’t have these failures every three months.


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