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December 5, 2007

Microsoft Compensation!

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I called up Xbox support, and after listening to the Halo theme music for the umpteenth time while on hold, I was able to speak to a supervisor. Because I’ve dealt with FOUR units that need to be repaired, I will be given special priorty to a “Elete support team” (as said by the supervisor) who are set up for dealing with special cases like myself who have had too many system failures.

Xbox support was apparetly so swamped with support calls that this “elete” team wasn’t able to get to me before the end of their work day, so they are going to call me back tommarow afternoon and speak with me. I’m a little confused as to why they need to call me. I just want to get the box asap so I can send off my broken unit and get it back before I leave town.

The supervisor eluded to compensation from having to deal with four 360s dying on me. That made me raise an eyebrow. Compensation… like what? Last time they gave me 13 extra months to my membership, I don’t really need 2 years. I’d rather have a buttload of MS points. But what I’d REALLY want is to get a NEW (not a referb) Xbox 360, and the newer versions with a HDMI port.

So perhaps this team is “elite” since they have the power to grant people anything. Free MS points, games, shwag… who knows? Otherwise why would they need to speak to me in the first place when I just want to get my Xbox replaced asap? Hopefully I can also have them “overnight” the shipping both ways so maybe I’ll have my FIFTH Xbox back before the end of this week? That would rock!

Five is my favorite number (and multiples of 5), so I hope it’s also the charm for me! I sure am going to get my fair share of the 3 billion dollars that Microsoft reported to be loosing to the failure rate of the Xbox 360.

Lets recap:
July 2006 – Bought my first Xbox 360, Premium version. Bought a service contract for $50.  The best $50 I ever spent!

September 2006 – Days before the inital 90 day warranty was over, I got the Three Red Lights of Death (TRLoD). This was just around the time they announced an extended warranry to the very first units of the Xbox 360, but mine was too new to be included. But I already had a service contract so it was a free replacement, and I got a premium version. Service contract extended a few months.

March 2007 – I just got a new HDTV to play games on my 360. The moment I hook up my 360 to my new TV, and set it to 1080p; it choaks and I get TRLoD! With my service contract it gets replaced, but I end up with a CORE version? Minor cosmetic thing anyway, since I kept the HDD unit I had since I had my first 360 back in July ’06.

October 2007 – Just weeks before anticipating Guitar Hero III release. I get the three red rings of DEATH again. After two weeks later I get a replacement before GH3 hits the shelves. This unit was also a CORE version but with the loudest optical drive I’ve ever heard! And 13 months added to my XBL gold membership for free!

December 2007 – The day of the new dashboard update (Dec 4th). That noisy optical disc drive proved to be a ticking time bomb. I had some minor problems with the optical disc drive other than it being really noisy, like when I eject the disc, it would still be spinning. When playing CoD4, I heard this horrible loud noise akin to a coffee grinder. I thought it was going to scratch up the game disc, but it’s fine. But now the disc tray will constantly eject when closing (with a disc in it or not).

So now this time it’s not the TRLoD, so I’m stuck with a half-assed Xbox 360 that still works, but the optical drive is shot. I can still play downloaded games, and watch movies, since they added Mpeg4 support.


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  1. Was reading this story, grrr that really sucks, I have an xbox 360 and have had the ring of death but luckily when I restarted it worked fine, I have had my system for like over a year I saw this other artice on this guy that has had problems like you with his xbox it was in the news today lol

    Your not alone hopefully the next system will be better.

    Good Luck 🙂

    Comment by Digital Digital — January 23, 2008 @ 10:11 am

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