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December 2, 2007

Quicktime stole my Linden$!

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 7:24 am

Okay I was browsing Slashdot when I read this article. Apparently this exploit IS a security issue. It claims that when the exploit is used, you’re taken to a web page where it makes you give your Linden Dollars away. Now I know you can embed URLs in a quicktime movie format video, just as you can with WMV files. So the idea of launching your web browser is plausible. However the same can be done within second life scripts and objects them selves to open web pages. So what then?

Still, this makes no sense at all to me as to how a web page can be scripted to take your money. Of course the article won’t get into details as to how this can work, or risking the exploit to propagate. But still this sounds absurd to me.

There isn’t away that I’m aware of of being able to transfer L$ to another avatar account, via the Second Life website. That can only be done in game. At most you can use LindenX to buy and sell Linden dollars, but that transaction dosen’t work between avatar accounts. So I really can’t see how some malicious website would do this on it’s ow, especially when it’s not apart of SL’s servers.

Unless it’s praying on users ignorance (read noobs) with written threats to “pay now or else” type psychological bullshit that’s persuading users pay up. But noobs often have no money anyway, so what’s the point then? If some webpage pops up demanding me to pay them L$, I’d just close it. Duh.


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