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December 1, 2007

Quicktime Exploit, Secuiry, bug flaw? Which is it?

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 8:45 pm

For years I’ve always had video playback disabled since they would always momentarly freeze my PC when videos start to play; quite annoying. It wouldn’t crash, just make my system hang for a good 10 seconds, and then everything was fine.

Today they are alerting of everyone of a problem; but I think they are getting thier termonlogies mixed up, and making everyone upset for no reason. A lot like when the media hypes up another “virus scare” that might take the entire internet down, but nothing serious ever happens.

From what I’ve read so far it’s just makes clients crash. Big fucking deal, what else is new? SL clients crash more often than Delta Airlines did in the 80’s. It’s probably just hiccuping on a video file that’s not properly formatted right, which I guess can be easily set like this to make Quicktime crash.

But if it’s just making the game crash, then it is NOT a secuity issue. If it was a security issue, it would imply that access to important information might be accessible to others. Like logins and passwords, or somehting like that.

If anything it’s just a bug in Quicktime. OMGZ!!! Apple makes buggy software that others can use as an exploit to crash computers? Say it ain’t so! Apparently this problem is with all versions of quicktime, be it on a Windows or a Mac; but not sure about Linux. Last time I checked the Linux version doesn’t even support audio, so I kina doubt it.

Of course all of the forum-tard idiots are up in arms about this for what is basically a bug that’s been around for some time. Like I said I always disable video playback because of the freezing issue which often occurred at random times since videos can be started at random times, or when another users starts it. I never saw the appeal of watching videos inside SL anyway. This doesn’t seem to apply to the music stream, which is also handled via quicktime app on your viewer.

What’s really fucked up about it, and is adding to the paranoid hype, is they reset the TOS so that you have to agree to it when you login to Second Life. The problem is that it NEVER LOADS UP, so you’re not able to agree to it because the (agree) button remains grayed out. So you can’t login. Wonderful eh? Another side effect from Apple’s buggy coding.

They didn’t change the Terms of Service, they are just using it to alert users of this “security” issue when it’s NOT a security issue. It’s a stability issue which the Lindens don’t’ have a good track record on anyway, plus they have no control over this becuase it’s a THIRD PARTY APPLICATION, that USERS have to install separately on their own. Thank gawd they don’t do this for every problem their OWN fucking software has, or we’d never be able to login.


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