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November 28, 2007

Performace issue woes

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I feel like a broken record about this. I think it’s safe to say that the constant problems with Second Life is now status quo. Everything from network problems, database issues to hardware failures are constantly occurring at Linden Labs.  Same old lag, different day.

Now I’m probably one of the first one to cry foul when this occurs for the umpteenth time, and we all wonder why they bother developing new ideas, functions and features while they are still huge service problems that never seem to get fixed. So why don’t they just stop future development and pool their resources to just fix the problems we are having now?

I used to agree with that line of mentality, but people seem to think that everyone who works at Linden labs all have the same work skills, and are some how interchangeable. As if you assigned more employees to a given problem it will be fixed faster or better? While every employee at LL can be treated as a resource, they aren’t interchangeable. You simply can’t move the office secretary to I.T. and have her fix a networking problem.

This isn’t like some RTS game were you can move all your engineer/workers to fix or repair a single object, hoping that it will be fixed faster. Linden employees are not generic workers who are interchangeable. If this were the case they wouldn’t have a web page looking for new employees.

This also dosen’t mean all of the Linden Employees who don’t have the proper skills at fixing the current problems with Second Life should just sit around and do nothing with thier thumbs up thier asses. They aren’t getting paid to do nothing, they need to do something with the money we pay them. So just because there’s a handful of people working on “Wind Light” project which many people deem unnecessary, doesn’t mean it’s taking anything away from the work that is being done to keep SL up and running every day.


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