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November 21, 2007

Rock Band, and SL issues

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Seems like the Lindens are posting nothing but “login, databases, and stability” issues every time I read the Linden Blog. There’s never a day that goes by that there’s always some big problem that’s either localized to a particular sim, or a massive issue that requires several hours to fix, while everyone else sits and waits for it to be fixed.

But who fucking cares.. it’s become status quo now for these issues to keep occurring and never actually getting fixed, just patched over. It’s like constantly patching a pot-hole on a street, when there’s a big sink-hole under it. Right now I don’t much care. I’m playing Rock Band bitches!

Rock Band is all the hype. Guitar career is incredibly easy if you’ve been playing Guitar Hero. I’m playing on HARD mode on RB, and I’m easily 5-staring songs. The Fender Stratocaster is slicker than cat shit on a flat rock. It plays so good, and feels right once you’ve gotten used to it. Playing bass is even easier but there is no solo career for that. However what makes up for that is the drumming, which is awesome, but tho haven’t figured out how to go into overdrive, I think it just happens on it’s own. Also there’s sining which I’ve not dared tried to do my self, I’m a bit self conscious about that. Maybe if I started drinking some beer before hand. Hmmm…

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