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November 19, 2007

Guitar Hero III on PC (sux0rz)

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It’s a perfect port over of the console version of the game, but the game suffers from fluctuating frame-rate that from silky smooth to WTF? Even dumbing down the “video” features like removing the crowd, and disabling “physics” (what physics are there in GH3? Judy Nail’s bouncing boobs? Isn’t that pre-rendered in mo-cap?).

It seems to slow down depending on what view the camera is looking at at the venue you’re at. Some angles are simple to render, others can be harder depending on how many objects are on screen.  Using star power also makes the frame rates drop, which is really annoying since it makes me miss notes on parts I know by heart!   I bet this game runs smooth when after you beaten the game, you’re playing “Through Fires and Flame” while the credits roll. Because it’s just your character playing the song while standing on a tall platform, as the camera orbits around it.

Anyway it makes game play totally impossible when the scrolling notes just skip frames as if it’s catching up with the song like a portly encoded Divx movie. I wouldn’t mind it if it had slow frame rates if it was CONSISTENT, not up and down framerates, so you can keep your timing and rhythms correct.. but this absolutely won’t cut it.

The only way to to make this game work well is to dumb the graphics down to 800×600, or lower, but then everything looks like shit, even the on screen TEXT looks slightly garbled. It might help if I could remove anti-aliasing, since it’s very apparent that it’s being used on this game, but I have to manually disable that in the nVidia drivers in control panel. There were no advanced video settings in game as far as I could see.

Oh and I’m picking up Rock Band tomorrow. neener neener!


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