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November 13, 2007

Who broke Xbox Live?

Filed under: Gaming! — Hugsie @ 1:59 am

Okay I sit down to my Xbox 360 and fire up for some GH3. I have my unit automatically sign me onto XBL after it boots up, but it’s showing me that I’m only signed on to my Xbox, but not online to XBL. WTF? I try to manually loggin to XBL, and after a moment my dashboard reverts back to no gamer tags signed on. It won’t let me sign on any gamertag let alone login to XBL.

I hop on my PC and comes up with screwy script error messages. Does it in FireFox and IE. I asked a friend who is also on XBL and he couldn’t get on his 360 nor the website. Other Microsoft services seem to be working, like hotmail and Live Messenger. even works, but loads in slowly.

Hope it’s nothing serious like some crazy denial of service attack, or Microsoft’s buggy software crashed on them.. or more likely a security expliot to make it crash. So something’s fucked up… it’s not my router, it’s not comcast. Microsoft is b0rked.

<few hours later>

Xbox Live on the web seems to be fully functional, but geting on XBL from my 360 is sort of hit and miss.   Ironically when I was able to get on XBL via 360, XBL set a message out saying they will be performing maintenance to the service early tomorrow morning, and the service will be down for an hour.  This makes me think something seriously broke earlier today, they got it mostly back online, but they need to replace hardware.  That’s merely assumption though, but this sorta thing happens often with online communities.


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