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November 9, 2007

Guitar Hero, and Rock Band!

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I finnally beat Guitar Hero III on HARD, and I’m already half-way into expert. when I first got this game I jumped right into hard mode in career mode, but beating the final boss, Lou was a bitch, and I started to hate the game (or at least battle boss mode). After playing though Easy, and Medium, seeing a videos on you tube (there’s tons of them) watching how they beat Lou on hard, and then watched TRS podcast and Dan talking about how he did it, as well as reading endless forums posts about it, it’s bascially down to luck, but it helps to know the songs too.

You have no control as to what powerups you’ll get, nor what lou gets. And since Lou gets the first powerup attack, you’re kina fucked from the start. You’ll have to be lucky to get an attack you can deal with, like amp overload. If you know the song patern well enough amp overload shouldn’t hamper you much at all. Bascially you need to save up three power up attacks and play 2/3rds into the song before you unleash them. You need to use them one at a time, during heavy note sequences on Lou’s side of the board.

ess than two weeks is Rock Band. From what I heard Harmonix is having a hard time keeping up with the demand for Rock Band. The supply is low and will remain low into the new year. They said the only way you’re gonna get the game is if you preordered and camp out for the game on Monday the 19th. I already pre-ordered, and I might even camp out for it on Monday, when it comes out Tuesday on the 20th.

I’m assuming the “full bundle” will be in short order, I don’t know if the game disc it self will be in slow supply. It’s easy to mass produce game discs, but large hardware bundles aren’t (especially three controllers in it). After all you can play Rock Band with your Guitar Hero controllers, in fact you’ll need to if you want to have a “full band” since the bundle only has one guitar. You’ll need your guitar hero controller guitar to play Bass. PLUS all of the RB controllers are USB devices, and yourXbox 360 only has three USB ports, so you’ll need the wireless Les Paul guitar from GH3 to have a full four (player) member band.


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