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November 2, 2007

The touch of death

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Friend of mine acquired a 2nd 360 that he knew had already failed with the three red lights of death. With Microsoft’s extended warranty, he figured he could get it replaced or fix at no cost and be able to have a 2nd 360 on hand for quick LAN match games.

After two weeks he got the unit sent back to him and it worked fine for less than 24 hours, when it starting freezing and giving the three red lights yet again.

This is disturbing considering I just got mine replaced two weeks ago before his was apparently “fixed,” and it led me to think that they AREN’T properly fixing these dead 360 as I had assumed they are. This made me think that my 360 will be doomed to failure sooner or later. However they always send me a completely diffrent 360 to replace mine, where as my friend always gets his 360s fixed, and the same one sent back to him.

Though it seems like they didn’t do jack shit to his 360 this time around. This particular 360 previous owner had opened up the unit removing the “warranty stickers” that shows if the unit’s case has been opened. Thing is that Microsoft doesn’t really care if these stickers are broken or missing, as long as the DVD optical drive hasn’t been “hacked.” Since they shipped it back with a new set of these stickers, as well as a new face-plate for which the old one had a broken hinge for the USB port flap.

My friend immediately called up Xbox support to get it fixed again. Then later we turned it back on after an hour cool off, and it ran for a few moments till it froze again. Then hours after that he had the idea of using the “Towel Trick,” and we let it bake for about 20 minutes, power cycles the unit, and it WORKED FINE.

I started playing it with a few rounds of TF2 for a solid hour, and it worked fine. I even power cycled the unit thinking it would die soon after, but it came back on like a champ. I even went a head and set it up proper for this time zone, and stuff.

Every 360 I’ve ever seen (and touched) with my own eyes has had the red ring of death, except for the unit I own right now (which is a refurbished unit, so presumably it had failed before). I’ve even seen demo units at a local TARGET sit there in the display case with the red flashing lights on it.

Microsoft won’t issue a recall on 360s, because that can only happen if these are posing a safety threat; as if they caught fire, or pose an electrocution threat, etc.

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