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October 19, 2007

Microsoft rules!

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Okay so I get my replacement Xbox 360 hoping I’d get some extra goodies for having to deal with THREE failed units in the past 15 months, since I bought my first 360 back in July 2006.

They did give me a 1 month prepaid card for XBL gold membership, which everyone gets now whom are returning their dead 360s. So it’s nothing special, but I really wanted more than just that since I lost a good time not being able to play on XBL.

It took me about two weeks to get my 360 replaced each time mine failed. I’ve had mine fail on me three times so that totals at least six weeks of wasted XBL gold membership (3 failures x 2 weeks = 6 weeks)

So after I got my FOURTH 360 up and running, I quickly plugged in my USB keyboard and entered in the key-code for the pre-paid 1 month XBL Gold membership that came with my replacement 360 unit. This simply tacks on to the end of my existing membership which I had just renewed this past summer.

Later that night I checked my e-mail, and I first saw a confirmation e-mail that I’ve successfully used that prepaid card. But right below it was yet another confirmation saying that I’ve successfully renewed for 12 months subscription!!

Holey shit!

My first that was, Damnit they probably automatically billed me $50 for that 12 months renewal. Last summer they uncermimoniously automatically billed me $50 for another 12 months for XBL gold membership, with out any warning, nor any opportunity to say “no” to it. Even though I was going to buy another 12 months anyway, it just annoys me that they would do this automatically with out at LEAST getting prompted about after my subscription runs out.

But I realized that XBL doesn’t have my current billing info. Last month I saw some fraudulent activity on my card (over $80, which I got all of it back), and after I told my bank they immediately canceled my old card, and issued me a new one a week later. So XBL can’t possibly bill me for a 12 month renewal, otherwise it would be rejected!

This means I got 13 months free XBL gold membership that will last till the end of summer in 2009! WOOT! Thank GOD for my Service Contract with Microsoft, the extension for my XBL membership costs about the same as the two year service contract, and that service contract doesn’t end till 2009 too!

Also it’s a good idea you go and shop for 12 months gold XBL subscription cards since retail often sells them much CHEAPER than the normal $49.99 price you pay directly online from your Xbox. Often as low as $30 or so, usually offered with bundles. Also all of those pre-paid cards “stack” on top of each other, including those 48 hour XBL gold memberships you might get with some games you buy. You should use them all!

Next on my agenda, is the full version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of ROCK! Only10 days away!


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