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October 18, 2007

New 360 yay!

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I expected the worse when getting my 360 back. I had assumed they will fix my unit rather than swap it, but that was wrong. Wednesday morning I got a phone call from UPS saying that they will deliver a package from Microsoft between 8am and 6pm, and someone must be present to accept the package and sign for it.


So I’ll be getting my 360 back before the release of Guitar Hero 3. \m/

The quick turn around must be because they are swapping my old 360 for another unit already refurbished. I was also recently told that you can help expedite things if you include you reference number on the mailer box on your 360.

I’m also hoping they send me a “premium” unit (which I had the first two times), rather than the “core” unit they gave me last time around.  The difference is the premium unit has chrome on the eject button, and the disc tray face.  Yes it’s totally cosmetic.  But I’m really hoping they give me a unit that’s PROPERLY fixed on the inside with the new heatsink assembly so this dosen’t happen a FOURTH time.

I also asked if they could give me something in return after having three units die on me.  Like a free game, some MS points, something.  Would be really awesome if they ended up giving me an elite system!  I even bought a black 360 wireless controller that comes with the play and charge kit, for only $45!  Which is cheaper than just a normal wireless controller, with regular batteries. woot

I better get to bed at a normal hour (2:30am now) in case the UPS guy shows up in the morning.  So by the time most people read this I’ll be playing GH2, Halo 3,  and Orange Box!


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