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October 18, 2007

Guitar Hero III demo is here!

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If you use bit torrent, goto this page download the torrent file, and start downloading it! This demo is NOT available on XBL as a downloadable demo. The only other way to get this is to buy the new Tony Hawk game.

Once you download this file, little over 400megs, open the RAR file and you’ll see a simple ISO file. Burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD pop it into your 360.

The GH3 demo will not start up right away like most games do. It will appear under “Demos and More” on the “games” blade, as if it was a demo you downloaded from XBL.

The demo comes with the tutorial which includes a tutorial on how the new battle mode works. It also comes with battle mode you can play with another local player, there is no online XBL play in the demo.

There are five songs which have all difficulties levels.

Hit me with your best shot
Pat Benatar

Lay Down

Even Flow
Pearl Jam

Rock You like a Hurricane

The Metal
Tenacious D

Rock you like a hurricane I played on hard, and I had a fucking blast with that one with a whole HoPo/star power sequence early in the song. Also the demo closes once you’ve played four songs, and you gotta restart the demo to play again. Sucks considering you can’t buy the fucking game yet!

Rock out with your cock out!


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