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October 3, 2007

3rd 360 bit the dust

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For the third time (yes 3rd) my Xbox 360 has died, with the infamous three red flashing red lights of DEATH. However this time my 360 will start up, but often crashes at some point after that. It’s not reliable enough to play anything. It will crash on the dashboard if I let it sit there for a while, and do nothing. Other times I turn on the 360, and see the red lights flash appear right away. <sigh>

I had kept my 360 in a vertical position thinking that it wouldn’t die on me as my other 360s did. It has been working just FINE for month with no hint of any pending problems like my older ones did. The last two 360 I had I kept horizontal, and they died on me much sooner than this one did, and would lock up on some games somewhat frequently. So I guess it doesn’t really matter, these older units just die with in 6 months. And I’ve gone though THREE of them in less than 18 months since I had my original 360.

Funny thing is this unit I have now IS a refurbished 360 from the last time I had my Xbox 360 die. It was probably repaired back before they really knew what was causing the problem. So I’m confident that they will now properly fix my unit with the knowledge they have now, so it won’t fail again. NO I’m not going to do the stupid Towel Trick since it doesn’t fix the defect.

Microsoft used to just swap you with a different 360 when you returned your dead unit. Now they are repairing each unit and will return back the one you sent them. This means it will take longer than it used to when my other two 360s died on me. Back then it took 2 weeks to get my unit back, but now since they are going to wait to repair this one, it will take four weeks to get it back!

Guitar Hero 3 will be out in about 4 weeks from now, so I’ll probably go buy the game before I get my 360 back from Microsoft, what fucking timing!!

It seems the longer I keep my 360 off, the longer it will keep working when I turn it on.. but usually when I fire up Halo 3 it will freeze when I resume a saved game.

Since I can get my 360 to works some times.. I fired up GH2, and it lets me play one song, or a few but it will take a shit on me eventually.



  1. Sorry to hear all that Hugsy. Well, four weeks will go swiftly, hopefully… I hope you can find another one to play on 🙂

    Comment by Wade — October 3, 2007 @ 4:30 am

  2. well my xbox showed those 3 red flashing lights it was fine for a while and then the problems came i would put in a dice in the tray and close it it wouldnt read it it would make this clicking noise in side the concle and hum and lit bit i would have to try it buy keep on cloesing it open like 6-10 times mabye even more then it would read it so if any body could write me back and give me some tips on it i would help me out a lot.

    Thanks lot

    Justin R. Huston

    Comment by Justin Huston — March 31, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

  3. my email adress is

    Thanks lot’s
    Justin R. Huston

    Comment by Justin Huston — March 31, 2008 @ 9:18 pm

  4. I posted this on my blog last year. You must “googled” about failed 360s or something and you’re looking for help, and to happen to find my blog. Don’t bother googling with it. The phenomenon of failing (3 red light) 360s is so common that you shouldn’t bother with someone’s stupid blog about it, just goto Xbox live support and get your Xbox fixed.

    Justin here is some advice:

    1) Learn proper English. Your run on sentences and bad spelling is horrible, and makes it hard to understand you. Did you finish high school yet?

    2) Three flashing red lights is never “fine” it’s always bad since it’s a hardware failure. But then you talk about bad disc reads, however you write so poorly I can’t tell what your problem is.

    3) never give out your e-mail address on a forum, especially along with your real FULL NAME, unless you love spam, and identity thief.

    4) Call microsoft 1-800-469-9269, speak with a rep, and see if your unit qualifies for a free repair or replacement.

    5) Unless you get a new Xbox360 (Arcade, or Elite) buy the extended service contract for your Xbox 360. It’s like $50 for 2 years coverage.

    Comment by hugsalot — April 1, 2008 @ 4:04 am

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