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September 30, 2007

Stupid group tags

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 3:57 am

Ever wonder around SL and see people with “Member” as their group tag? Member of what? Even worse when the owner of some group, it just says “Owner” over their heads. Just shows how stupid people tend to be, but it gets worse.

The worst I’ve seen so far are clubs who freely give out VIP group tags. Do these people even know what VIP means? Do they even understand it’s meant to be for SELECT PEOPLE to have. It’s not a group tag designation that any noob sould get, but these are probably from the same fucktard group owners who still have “Owner” over thier heads. It certainly dumbs down the value of what a VIP is. So next time you see a noobtard with a VIP group tag over their head, avoid that group if at all possible.


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