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September 28, 2007

Halo 3 done, new GH2 songs

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Halo 3 campaign was okay, nothing mind blowing when it came to the plot. Still more story than Doom nor Quake ever had.  And it is short, which can be done in single setting if you don’t need to pee too often.  Easily start in the morning, and finnish by evening, quicker if you already played it though on an easier setting.

In fact if you play it on a harder level, if the Arbiter is near, let HIM do all the work, especially on the very last level where it’s all snowy.  Let the Arbiter slowly do most of the kills since the flood don’t react to him as they to do you when you attack. It takes longer but you’ll die less often, and save ammo.

Also it SEEMS you don’t earn any achievements when doing co-op campaign.  Which is how Gear of War works and what makes it achievable on harder difficulties.

Now that I’ve played though campaign, it reminds me of the final book of Harry Potter; half the characters die off! Oh be sure to NOT skip the ending credits, and let the credit text go on, there’s one more cut scene right after that!  If you press “A” you’ll skip it!

Acctually I thought it ended premature, and I expected to play as the arbiter After they left earth to goto home. Bit anti-climatic for me. Ending of Halo 2 was way more exciting (as most cliffhangers tend to be).

Halo 3 is about multiplayer, and I never realized how much RPG elements are in this. I really didn’t care for multiplayer on Halo 2, same reason I didn’t realy get into Counter Strike on the PC. Overwhelming numbers of players who are far too advanced for me to even compete, so I just don’t bother. Otherwise I would be in a world of frustration. Now that I’m starting out new to Halo 3 like everyone else is, it should be more enjoyable. Plus they have nice “training camp” type deal where only noobs play against each other, at least until they earned 5 experience points. But it’s always the same snow map, but it’s still fun!

I mainly played campaign just to follow the story line, since I had played the first Halo on my PC, so many moons ago. I’ll probably go pick up a used copy of Halo, it’s like $5 or so. Most old Xbox games are dirt cheap now.

New DLC was finally released today (Friday 9/28) when last week it was announced to be out on the 19th, and all kina weirdness hit the fan. was the first to annouce this, and when the DLC wasn’t online XBL, people created accounts on just to bitch and complain as if they were to blame. Don’t kill the messengers you assholes! They were told this by Microsoft/RedOctane and it didn’t pan out, don’t blame Scorehero. Ten days later the DLC was avalible, but turns out one song was wrong or changed.

I just played them, and “Bury the Hatchet” sucked ass. “Detonation” was okay, but my favorate was “EX’s and OH’s” (the one that was changed) out of the bunch. I have to say this was probably the worst DLC for GH2 so far. This is an “Indie” music bundle, as it’s called on XBL. And none of these sounds nor groups sounded familiar to me.

Played them on hard and passed all of the songs on the first try. I can pass any song on Hard, but I can’t get 5 stars on all songs on Hard to get that Guitarmaggedon Award achievement. From Madhouse, to Hangar 18 I have mostly 4 star songs. Free Bird I already got 5 stars on (Cuz I rock Woot!!).

I’m expecting there to be at least one more DLC for GH2, before GH3 is released. I’m also planning on getting a used PS2, so I can play the original Guitar Hero, as well as GH Rocks the 80’s. Which will cost at least $200, for the PS2, used guitar, and both games. That will be more than what GH3 and GH2 will cost combined. Heck I think Rock Band will only be $199, but I’m not including the cost of the 360 it self, since I didn’t buy the 360 with Guitar Hero in mind, since I bought it over a year ago (and after two red lights of death!)


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