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September 20, 2007

Age verification won’t work

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I predicted this oh so well a few weeks ago. Yet I love how they spin the words to make it sound like it’s all okay. Let me quote:

If Residents and businesses choose not to do this, land containing adult content that is not clearly marked will be easily identifiable by the community. Resident can raise concerns directly with the landowner or with Linden Lab via the Abuse channel.

This means they are going to rely on “tattle tails.” This will cause two problems; one being that their abuse team’s workload will grow and considering they do next to nothing about abuse reports this might not even really matter in the long run. Second problem I see is people abusing this, using alts, and friends with alts to file large number of false abuse reports towards user they just want to abuse.

Now since this new “feature” is relying on 99% of abuse reports from users, and considering perhaps 99% of users don’t LIKE this age verification bullshit, as well as it’s possible that only 1% of users will bother getting age verified and/or flag their land as such; it’s likely no one will bother to file an abuse report about these incidences.

Consider the fact that the majoirty of users are basic members, they don’t want to spend a DIME in SL, getting age verified will cost them more money than it will a “premium” member. Also users don’t want to risk not being able to make a return visit to their favorite sex zone. Do you really think all the noobs who hang out in Sumos, let alone the people who help run this will bother filing an abuse report to Linden Labs saying Sumo’s isn’t properly “secure” from minors?

Another thing that I’m wondering about, speaking of Sumos, is most people use skypads to have their adult encounters, just like Sumos does. Now keep in mind that there is a limit on how high up those bans will actually block your avatar. They did this so people who are just exploring can fly around and not bump into so many restricted parcels “walls” if they fly at high enough altitude. Though if a user is specifically banned that “wall” goes up higher. But if a minor can still get into my skypad even if my land IS marked for adult content, i bet they can still see me with my clients, or BE one of my clients.

Plus if the “adult content” is at ground level (or even 600m up), what’s stopping a user from simply turning off camera restrictions, and setting their draw distance to 512m? They can see right inside all those “adult mature” content areas from hundreds of meters way!

Also what if a land owners does flag his content as “adult” but isn’t able to get age verified him/herself?  What if the land owner IS indeed a minor?  Why aren’t they using this same sort of thing on the Teen Grid to keep the pedophiles away?  In fact why are they still BOTHERING with the Teen Grid if we are all going to be age verified now and we all become happily segregated from one another.

Yes we are protecting our children though loss of freedom, trust, and privacy. And no one wants to take care of their own children anymore… lazy bastards!

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