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August 16, 2007

Guitar Hero II

Filed under: Gaming! — Hugsie @ 9:57 am

I finnally after four months beat GH2 on expert!  Woot!  \m/

I had two songs left (3 if you include Free Bird) Institutionalized and Misrilou, have to be the HARDEST career songs played on tour.  Obviously Jordan is the hardest song ever but it’s a bonus song that isn’t apart of the tour career.  Even some of the songs bought on XBL are extremely easy, since they are just port-overs from GH1.

On Tuesday there was a new music pack by My Chemical Romance, the one who did “Dead!” in GH2.  These songs are awesome! “Teenagers” is probably the more difficult of the two but much more fun. With the song “Famous Last Words” I was finally able to hit the 400k achievement. And if I keep trying it should be able to get my 1000 note streak achievement with this same song.  And if a friend of mine we should be able to score the 800k pair achievement too!

So while I may have finally “beaten” this game I’m not done playing it.  Not as long as they keep putting in more songs to download on XBL, plus GH3 and Rock Band around the corner, my rocking will never stop!


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