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August 9, 2007

Social retards need help

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To all of those people who think I’m a selfish greedy bitch. What the FUCK you think I am anyway, Florence Nightingale with a big cock? For the past few weeks I’ve been getting bitched at because of promises that THEY broke; not just because I’m greedy whore, but because they were expecting more than I’m willing to give. These people are the selfish ones, and don’t seem to realize they aren’t alone when it comes to me giving them my attention, and I simply can NOT (nor want to) give every idol worshiping retard 100% of my attention. I can’t make money spending all my time on just a single person, even if they did pay me.

The thing is why do these people have to offer me money if they want to be friends with me? Not all my friends gave me money to be their friends. Perhaps these people have no real personality that would otherwise attract me to them? I AM a fucking ESCORT after all, what else would you people expect? The majority of the people I interact with are complete morons, but that’s usually due to the fact they don’t speak English; but often they are just socially inept so they use money to get my attention that I would otherwise overlook because they have no personality, charm nor character.

Besides I have enough of you socially retarded idol worshipers as it is; whom I barely consider acquaintances, let alone friends, and I don’t bother remembering who you people are anyway. These are people who range from the noobtards who IM me and just say “hello” and grunt pleasantries as if I find that attractive, to the over elaborate role-players who have to type in every FUCKING DETAIL about how they greet me. I don’t have to respond to every message I get, and I don’t have to tell you people what I’m doing every 10 seconds.

It’s not like ALL my friends give me money just to be fiends with me. Those people actually have something about them I’m either attracted to or I get along with. But if you’re inclined to be ODC over me because of how HOT I look, and you initiated our relationship with Linden Dollars and you think we are “best friends,” you need a fucking reality check.

The majority of my clientele understand the difference between a personal relationship and a professional relationship. But just because I seem don’t like you doesn’t mean I HATE you, but if you keep nagging me about meaningless bullshit, that can change!

On top of all of this drama, is the lag and performance issues going on right now. The Lindens like to pretend everything is okay; but it’s not. Nearly all regions hosted out side of California are having major issues. Avis don’t full rez their clothing, inventory issues, can’t transfer inventory to others. Teleports tend to not work. The map view is flaky. I had to teleport to a region near Ahern/Morris where OLD sims are hosted here in California for things to load up properly.


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