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July 26, 2007

Ding dong campers are dead

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The era of laggtastic casino camping are now over. About fucking time!

Due to some legal bullshit regarding gambling, after all gambling laws are very wide spread from country to country, and region to region, they just decided to wipe it all clean.

It SEEMS the Lindens went on rampage and manually deleted all objects that were used for gambling. Everything. Entire parcels were cleared out while the campers were still sitting on the walls and seats, unless those were deleted too.

There will be two main benefits from this as time goes on:

  1. Lag will be much improved since there will no longer be 20,000 alt avis logged in all the time anymore
  2. The value of L$ will increase since now it’s more difficult to make L$.

Others claim it will devalue L$, but they are idiots. The only devalue of L$ will happen will be temporary. Because of those knee-jerk reactions some douche-bags will undoubtedly have, and sell their L$ cheap on LindeX. It’s basic economics, when something becomes slightly more scarce it becomes more valuable. Duh.

Now, also all the free-money-machines have been deleted or turned off because of this. Yet giving out free money isn’t gambling, but since that free money was paid for by the gambling those had to be removed as well. There’s still a zillion alt-zombie campers still sitting out there. This only happened about 5 hours ago as of this post, so hopefully by tomorrow evening the “online count” on the login screen will be drastically reduced. It’s already below 30,000.

I’m surprised they waited this long to do this. The biggest problem all these places had was the total waste in bandwidth these campers caused, which lagged everyone. Any time a casinos moved into a new region everyone in that region would complain in increased LAG when everything was normal before the casino was put in.

No one gives a shit about gambling money aspect of these casinos.. I actually enjoyed them. If ever I had some spare change I’d play some black jack and pad my wallet a little more. It think I made more money playing black jack than I did losing.

But you know what’s going to happen now that all the casinos are closed? Illegal casinos. All a person would need to do is set up a pre-fab casino, drop it some where.. run it for a couple hours, and pick it up and take it away before the Linden Police knew of it. Then later they can set it up in a different region and only the select few will know where it is. Gambling will go on regardless of this new Policy the Lindens made today.

But here’s something that might happen that could bring back a limited number of permanent casinos. Native North American Indian gambling organizations buy their own regions (sims) on second life, and create their own virtual online casinos as they already do around the country. Doesn’t that sounds logical to happen? Maybe even open this up to the big casinos in Nevada to do the same thing, or any other part of the world where gambling IS legal. And if you visit any of these sites you are in their land, and you are legally allowed to gamble as long as you’re on their land… just like it would be if you visited these casinos in RL.


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