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July 24, 2007

More SL Snafus

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 10:13 pm

It seems some power outages in the bay area are causing problems with SL.  Stipen and group dividend payments were delayed.  Also group liabilities didn’t seem to be delayed as much (figures).  Biggest problem now is logging in is practically impossible. If it’s taking more than a minute while it hangs on the screen giving the message “Second life may appear frozen…” then you’re SOL.

So like, they don’t use power back up units or something?  A power failure should compromise their network AT ALL; this is complete bullshit!  The service is acting as if it just came back online from a big system upgrade. Logins are stalled and often don’t work, but some people are able to get on.  The login screen reports about 25,000+ users..

Strike that.  The login screen is now reporting it’s offline, and doesn’t show the current login count, and I know there are users online looking at my buddy list.  The Linden Blog isn’t saying anything about this, so it must be a new development.  They probably realized something is wrong and they need to take things down.

Well I was able to login an alt, but it’s not going well.  I’m “Ruthed” and all that typical crap you deal with when things aren’t going right on SL.

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