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July 11, 2007

I see grey people

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Just a tip, when you see people with no texture (i.e. grey) it’s more of an issue with that users client software (i.e. viewer), than it is with Second Life it self.  Sure this glitch tends to maefest itself after a big update but it’s an easy fix than you can do on your end, but keep in mind it only updates YOUR avatar, not the dozens of other dull looking Sylvania men.

There are two things you can do.  Change your clothes, or rebake.  changing your clothing will work fully if you change all three parts of your body.  Head, upper and lower body.  So if you just change outfits, you probably won’t change anything on your face, so you’ll still look funny.  Going into appearance mode might work, but it’s only a local side change, and others might not see you proper after you leave appearance mode.  It’s really best to just rebake.

How do you rebake?  First you need to go into Debug mode. Press CTRL-ALT-D to bring up two extra menu items in the menu bar at the top, that appears to the right of “help.”    The items “Client” and “Server” will appear. Now click on “Client” then “Character” then at the bottom of that menu, “Rebake textures.”  Then wait about 2 minutes for your new texture image to propagate out to everyone else who’s near you.  Though you might see the change almost immedately to your self.

The reason for all this is the simulators do not render your clothing, your PC (client software) does that and uploads it to the simulator for everyone else to download.  Since avatars wear layers of clothing with some transparencies it has to be rendered into a single texture.  And it would be a HUGE LOAD to the simulators if those machines had to do that.  It’s simply easier for your client to do a simple re-render and send it out to the servers.

Now the problems like this (as well as “missing image” textures) is all due to the lag, and synconiation issues.  When an avatar appears “grey” your client hasn’t download the texture yet.  My theory is that after a big update like we had Wednesday, those textures were cleared away but the simulators think they still exist.  Perhaps with the lag the simulator thinks you already have the texture (not likely after installing a new client software) or you’re just too lagged to get it yet. When you see that white “missing image” texture that’s the simulator saying “I don’t have the texture” so your client shows that white image.

Rebaking should be a hot-key function by now, like everything else seems to be.
Press CTRL-ALT-D again to remove the two the debug menu items at the top so the text on there isn’t too cramped.

Hope this helps!


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