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June 28, 2007

I’m a paranoid tyrant bitch

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Accusing Sindy of using Tyanne’s login to take over her land I know was uncalled for but I did claim it was all paranoid conspiracy theory before I made that statement about Sindy.

Regardless I apologies for making such an accusation. It was hard to believe that Sindy was able to afford the asking price for the Palace. Then I noticed all of the objects at the Palace DID indeed show they belonged to Sindy, and I realized group members had EXTRA money sitting in the L$ balances after the Palace was sold to Sindy, but that sure was a lot of money!! The reason why others got money is because Tyanne had set the land to be group owned with liabilities set, and all of us got a share of that money. Which is fine considering for months Tyanne’s group kept taking $L1 every week.

I also would like to admit to mistakes that I did that I understand what Tyanne was upset over. It wasn’t the escort signs, but the tip jars that Tyanne had out, as well as the dance poles. I had a message over the dance polls telling people to tip dancers directly and not the dance pole since it takes 50% cut which goes to Tyanne. Also I covered the tip jars with another prim so that others couldn’t tip her anymore. The reason for this is simple. Who would want to give money to someone who doesn’t login anymore to use it? Yeah I’m sick and tired of all of you holier-than-thou assholes telling me “this is Tyannes land” no SHIT. But when the fuck was she ever going to login to actually use it? Perhaps if I DIDN’T do this Tyanne wouldn’t have logged in last week, and we still would have thought she had died 8 months ago. She doesn’t deserve the tip money for all the work I DID to keep her SHITHOLE running.

Sindy and Tyanne think I stole over 8000L when I covered over the tip jars at the entrances at the Palace, from looking at $L amount text that’s floating above it, and adding them together. That’s simply wrong and shows how big of a noob Tyanne really is, after all she was only in the game for 2 months before she bailed out. AS for the tip jars, that L$ amount is the total amount of donations that tip jar has received SINCE Tyanne set them there.  I other words that’s was money that was ALREADY GIVEN TO HER, for say 6 months before I covered them up.  The prims I used around them weren’t scripts or anything, otherwise you’d see two sets of numbers floating above it.

When I put a another prim around them doesn’t mean I some how magically took that 8000L that Tyanne already got. Those prims I use are unscripted, and they have only been there for a couple months. If anyone DID pay into those “tip jars” I barely got anything for it. It was mainly a deterrent to stop people from giving money to someone who apparently isn’t going to be around to use it.

Further more, according to Sindy, Tyanne was paying her tier every month. And Tyanne knew from the start she was doing this not to make money off of it. Now did she figure that out before or AFTER October 31st? So what difference does it make if I was trying to earn a few bucks off her land? Hell for those 8 months she was gone she had an escort rental sign sitting on the roof. Obvious to me she was also considering doing this months before I did.

The one I’m not really going to apologies for is my behavior as a Guardian at the Palace. There are so many assholes and jerk-offs going in and out of the Palace (and the Garden) that you get jaded towards people. It’s not like I acted like that with EVERYONE, it really stems from thier behanvor, not because they look like a noob. I wait for them to say something, then I’ll make a judement call on them. You’d be supprised how many intelligent noobs you do meet, yet still ignorant about SL it self. It’s just the majority of them simply aren’t, and remain ignorant even after months later.

Sure I could have been more tolerant towards the noobs, I could have been more leniant with my so-called self appointed “rules” I made up. I could have maybe waited a moment longer and not have knee-jerk avatar ejections… Though it sure was entertaining humiliating those noobtards and then kicking them out of the Palace when they obviously had some sort of a learning disorder.

So I’m sorry for being my self, and I did the best I could under the limited cerumstances, and I do admit to be greedy by taking advantage Tyanne’s land.

As for Sindy, you are passive agressive. You demonstated that the whole time we had our conversation last tuesday. You kept saying “give me a reason why I shouldn’t ban you now..” as if you were egging me on. There were times when I just wanted to just blast you with obscene language and cuss you out. That would have given you the reason to ban me out right. But I though we both handled our selves very well, and neither you nor I really escalated out of control. I did learn a lot from you that day. I would also say I was very HUMBLED by our conversation, and you showed me every proper respect you could muster for me, and I appreciate that Sindy. I just hope I appeard as respectful to you as you were to me that day. Also you WERE on my fiends list in the past since Candy started the Garden… I’m just saying.

So on a final note, I still would like to speak more directly with Tyanne her self. I’ve only had a handful of offline IMs with her and I really don’t feel like I had a proper conversation. So after this cools down, and assuming Tyanne hasn’t dropped her membership with SL after selling the Palace, that we could have proper sit down. 🙂

Other than that I don’t belive I will be posting more SL drama in my blog anymore. I never really intended to do this sorta thing with this (other than vague refrences to them) but personal drama dosen’t really belong even in ones personal blog.


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