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June 23, 2007

It’s not about Identity theft.

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I was over at Sumo’s Free Sex pad area the other day. There’s this sign protesting the age verification system that the Lindens plan on starting soon to replace the current flawed system. (whenever that’s going in.. still waiting)

They claim it’s an issue over identity theft, but the thing is the Lindens already have your information to steal your identity. DUH! They are using a 3rd party to perform this “age verification” but it’s a professional company that does this as a business service for all sorts purposes. This is why we will have to pay a small fee to get age verified once this rolls out. It’s not some evil company trying to collect your information and sell it to spammers. Plus this age verification is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY, so come on give the Lindens a break here.

The main reason why the guys who run Sumos don’t like this age verification is because their entire operation thrives on a constant flow of newbie visitors. The moment this age verification goes in, Sumo’s will have to flag their land as “adult themed” and anyone who isn’t age verified will NOT be allowed to enter. This means every noob that goes there now, can’t go there anymore. Sumo’s huge traffic numbers will drop like a rock in water, no one will want to rent space for vendos, no one will gamble, or buy stuff, and Sumos will lose income. Plain and simple.

It’s all about money.


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