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May 27, 2007

Verification freak out

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 4:57 am

I think a lot of people are getting overly paranoid about this age verification system that LL will be using soon.  Some people are so freaked out over the announcement they have cleared their credit card information on the SL website, and quit.

It seems users are confusing their billing information with this age verification as if they are linked.  They aren’t.  Linden Labs is using a 3rd party company to do the age verification using a multitude of ways to verify who you are, and none of that information is shared with Linden Labs.  Besides Linden labs already has your credit card and home address already, if Linden Labs wanted to “Steal your identity” they already would have done it a long time ago.  Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if they had (not saying they did) sell your mailing address to junk mailers.

What I don’t know is who this 3rd party company is. I had thought the companies name was listed some time ago when they announced it (Integrity Services maybe?) but I can’t find any mention of who this company is that will be performing these age verifications.  Maybe the Lindens will be more forth coming about who this company is, and clear the air about this.

Everyone knows that the Lindens are simply trying to cover their legal asses, yet LL spins it as it’s an enhancement to the user experience, or other P.R. spinned bullshit.  Not unlike how the RIAA talks about freedom of music choices while they sue their customers into oblivion.  Which it might just do that if this means I’ll have to deal with less noobtards bugging me everyday.

The only residents that really have a hair up thier asses about this are those areas like Sumo’s Free Sex. Which it’s entire existence depends on noobs having 24hour orgies (well something to that effect). Sumo’s will have to flag their area as containing adult content, and the noobs will no longer able to casually wonder in with their plastic cocks sticking out, asking “wat 2 fuk?”

Does this mean they are going to shut down the boring Teen Grid, now they are putting in more stricter age verification tools in game?  But on the other hand shouldn’t TEENS also be “age verified” to make sure that they are not dealing with adults who could be child predators?  How easy is it to catch an adult on the teen grid if someone accueses another avatar being over 17?  But then again most of those sick fuckers want younger kids under 13, which is the age minimum for the Teen Grid.  So I’m sure the pedophiles login to the main grid anyway since the pre-teens aren’t “allowed” on the main grid.

All this seems past ridiculous; should be called “ri-cock-ulous.”

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