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May 8, 2007

Integrity Services

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The Lindens posted more information about their age verification. First of all if you choose to use it, it’s a one-time payment, and it’s paid in LINDEN DOLLARS! Not USD, which is great since we are talking PENNIES worth of Lindens. Non-premium users will have to pay more, but so what. As long as it’s not actually $20 USD worth or something outragious.

If you chose to not use it, doesn’t mean you’ll be banned from mature sims, only parcels where the land owners have flaged it as “adult content.” Problem is that if you own land that has adult content, and you do not flag it as such, you can get into trouble.. at least that seemed to be implied.

Everyone is complaining about paying more to be verified, especially premium accounts who are constantly paying $10+ a month for land. It just seems stupid that they won’t waive this fee for residents whom are obviously over 18.

Also none of this actually stops minors from creating accounts on the main grid or for that matter stopping adults making accounts on the teen grid. Flagging an area for “adults only” is a voluntary thing, as well as getting your age verified. Also from the sounds of it, you do this all in-game so this seems really open to fraud. Any punk kid and probably figure out what their parents Social Security number is, birthday, and full name to get full access to the main grid.

But this only limits people away from land marked as “adult” doesn’t stop these un-verified people from chatting with anyone, spamming or just being generally annoying. I don’t think Casinos will be effected by this. Also this dosen’t change how accounts are created in the first place. You can still use bogus e-mail address and other information when you create your account, they never check that.

Honestly, shouldn’t they be doing this FIRST on the Teen Grid to stop child molesters from getting on there chatting with teens? But then are any kids care about the teen grid? I’ll be honest with you. About two years ago I logged into the teen grid using a login a friend gave to me (now no longer valid after that one day when all accounts were invalidated about a year ago). The TG is boring as hell. There’s only a couple dozen sims, all of it is PG. You can undress, there is no 1st life tab in your profile. It’s completely BORING. All the fun and cool stuff (sex) is on the main grid, and that’s where all the kids loging into. Fuck the teen grid, it’s dead and useless.


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