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May 7, 2007

Gotta pay to be an adult

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 7:33 pm

Lindens are planning to implement an age verification system which honestly is no different from what they already have, but you have to pay to prove you’re over 18 this time. No mention if there’s a similar age verification for the Teen grid; which I assume there isn’t.  So all the pedophiles can continue to run rampant on the teen grid.  So much for “protecting children” when they are the ones actively seeking this content.

LL is using a 3rd party company to do this age verification, and we will be charged somewhere under $10 to get this verification done. This is why they are charging  money since they aren’t doing the verifications them selves.

The problem is that for some of us who already have validated USED payment information, and who own land and entire (multiple) sims, this seems redunant, and pointless.  I do hope they waiver this fee for some of us who are obviously over 18. If you own multiple accounts, you’re able to link a limited number of residents to your age verification.  As to how many this limit is was not mentioned.

While I know this will thwart the retarded noobies from bugging us all the time but this will this will cut into my business rather deep, since a lot of my clients like to use alt accounts for their encounters so they don’t get caught in the act. However if it means an end to endless alt accounts by abusive users who keep harassing everyone at the Shemale Garden and Palace, Hallelujah!

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