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April 15, 2007

Guitar Hero II woes?

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Sure are a lotta whiners out there. I have not had a single problem with my guitar since I got it with the game. I’m having a blast. Stories all around different gamer forums are fill of horror stories about the whammy bar not responding, and going into star power mode randomly hasn’t been an issue with me. Today XBL had a update to GHII that apparently addresses the whammy Bar issue, but I’ve not noticed anything. Perhaps I’m just lucky to get a non-defective guitar controller, or maybe all these people just really SUCK at the game. Could be both really. If you have an HDTV it could be lagged (HDTV tend to have a lot of video processing for a clean image that causes a delay in both sound and vide0), and you’d never be able to play the game proper. GHII has an adjustment for this.

However I would have to agree that the songs are over priced considering:

A) There’s no way to pirate these songs we download from the marketplace, plus you wouldn’t WAN’T to anyway. These songs are split up in about 3-4 different tracks (bass, lead guitar, rythrm, etc) so that they can be heard separately, and no be played when you make a mistake.

Not like you can rip these into MP3s. Even if you dumped the audio to record it you’ll get all the “Bloops” “Spaz” sounds when you make a mistake, and the clash of lighting sounds when you complete a series of star power note phrases. Plus the cheering of the croud in the background. It’s not like you’ll end up with a quality recording. Easier to find these songs off the net anyway.

Found a torrent of the entire soundtrack of GHII for 360 here.

B) You do not listen to this music passively like some mp3 file. You have to PLAY the songs *yourself* for them to be heard fully.

C) Most of this music are “cover songs” meaning they aren’t the original recordings done by the original artists. Songs that state “as made famous by…” are cover songs that mimic the artists that made the said song “famous.” Some of them aren’t good. Killer Queen is horrible re-do.

So why do we have to pay more for music tracks that can’t be pirated, weren’t created by the original artists, and requires labor on our part to actually listen too?



  1. I guess the answer to why the songs are so expensive is – because they can be. There’s no competition and as you said – no way to get them by piracy and still be able to play them in the game. At the same time everyone seems crazy about Guitar Hero II so they are probably thinking a lot of people will buy them anyway.

    Comment by Linnéa — April 15, 2007 @ 6:28 am

  2. Actually you CAN get these songs via piracy (I’m downloading a torrent with the entire soundtrack), but NOT from the GHII game disc. That’s the point, I’m trying to make here. The makers of Guitar Hero blame licensing arrangements with all the artists and recording studios. But I tend to think that if Napster didn’t happen back 10 years ago, and music piracy was no more a big of a deal than it has been to copy cassette tapes (fair use) I’m sure these songs would be a lot cheaper.

    Comment by hugsalot — April 15, 2007 @ 6:48 am

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