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March 4, 2007

SL is fucked up more than ever

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I can’t believe how bad the packet loss is now. Since Saturday, Digeut (the sim the Palace and Garden are hosted) keeps going offline for HOURS. I thought after Jo had “busted” that lame casino next door would have improved things, but the packet loss is consistent in nearly every sim. Apparently Digeut was down all last night. thank god I was out and about last night with friends so I didn’t really care. but the time I was on last night ended up short lived since my place was DEAD!

Thank god I’m not paying for that land. But I’m sure Candy Wood isn’t too happy with the fucking sim dying all the time. Not to mention Sindy, and Jo. They all made nice investments in land in Digeut.

Now everywhere I go… I get constant PL (packet loss) denoted by the small left bar idicator at the top right of the screen, the right bar indicates how much you’re downloading.

SL’s planning a update thing this wednesday.. hope they get this straitened out.

Holey crap, we are past 4 million residents (and no one seemed to notice, nor care) and we are over 35,000 connected users.  That’s fucking insane!  No wonder the packet loss is over the top lately.


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  1. Well my question is what do all these people find to do? I hardly ever come to SL cause i ran out of things to do. rofl only so much screwing and dancing and shopping to do in a day. well have a good day hugs. pixelove

    Comment by pixelove toonie — March 23, 2007 @ 11:02 am

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