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January 31, 2007

Trigger happy Lindens

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 5:03 pm

I logged into the beta test grid to see what’s going on, and who might be online.  After waiting a good 10 mins for the lag to clear up and actually see my self, I shouted “So what are we testing today? how good the lag is?”  Joking of course.

But a smart-ass jerk Linden responds saying “there’s a thing called a website that explains this.”   I’m thinking to my self NO SHIT SHERLOCK.. a moment later he (or she, I forget the Linden’s name) shouts out the URL to the Linden blog.

So we go back and forth a few more times shouting, and at some point the Lidnen said he was going to go “find me” and I’m wondering to my self what for? I don’t need any help, I’m just SLOWLY trying to get the fuck out of the PG sim since I’m BUTT NEKKID, some simulators won’t let me in since they are full, and I can’t access my inventory.

So I yelled back saying there’s no need for his help, and next thing I knew I was logged out by an administrator.  Trying to log back in said I couldn’t login for another HOUR.  WTF is with this asshole Linden?

Did he temp ban me because I was yelling too much?  He’s the only one who kept RESPONDING to every shout I said.  He could have easily IMed me if I was shouting too much.  I didn’t need any help at all.

Did he ban me because I was butt nekkid with my cock dangling out?  He didn’t GIVE me any reason why he kicked me offline for an hour… and that’s completely fucking RUDE.

And what PISSES me off is why the fucking system insists in tossing me into a PG sim when my home location isn’t online.  And not just any PG sim, but the Ahern/Morris welcome area that’s always packed with people, and lagged to hell.

Hell I was about to log out soon anyway before Asshole Linden kicked me offline, because there was nothing to do, none of my friends were on, and it was too fucking lagged to get around anywhere.  The whole reason I got on was just to see IF my friends were on.

If you login to the Beta test grid today, beware of the trigger happy Lindens in the welcome area.


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