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January 24, 2007

Diguet is horribly lagged

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 1:35 am

Diguet is the simulator that the Palace and Garden are located in.  Recently a high traffic yet shitty casino just opened up practically door, and with all those camping avatars has severely downgraded the performance of Diguet to the point I don’t want to go there anymore.  Frame rate is atrocious, everything takes forever to load.  Some times I can’t even GET there since the simulator is FULL!

I sent a quick IM to the owner asking if he can do something about it, and gave him some simple suggestions.  He was apparently online when I sent it, but he never did respond back.  I hope he’s not some conceded asshole.. even though his born date is about 6 weeks ago… he is a noob.

The casino it self sucks. Crappy games, lame camping chairs that pay out jack shit.  But people flock to these things all the time, and it’s always packing them in causing everything else to drag along with it.

This is probably where all the recent grifing is coming from.  Noobtard assholes who quickly get bored of the casino start looking around nearby and they see us shemales dancing and goofing off, and start being assholes towards us.

So.. I probably won’t be spending much time at the Palace/Garden until the lag clears up.

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