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January 13, 2007

Dominate Assholes

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 8:54 am

For the past couple weeks I’ve been dealing with certain people in-world who either act like they are superior to others as a role-play trip, OR who actually are conceded; it’s hard to tell. My problem is that some of these dominate/masters use this “status” as an excuse to be rude assholes towards everyone.

We have assholes like Shipper Sodwind, who bark orders at MY pets disrespecting me in the process, while claiming HE was being disrespected because my pet didn’t obey his stupid order.  Fuck you Shipper.

Drama queen bitches like Rosy Caldwell who treats everyone as a subordinate because she’s a self proclaimed “mistress” and I’m just a “escort” as if being an escort is lower down the food chain, and I’m supposed to “deal” with her rude and bitchy attitudes.  Fuck you Rosy I have pets too, YOU DEAL WITH IT.

More recently this over-sized overdosed steroids infused red daemoness bitch who’s OBVIOUSLY over compensating for something in her/his RL, named Rena Kuu. She has an over-sized penis about the length of my leg. While she was civilized, still had this conceded air about her. She gave me “permission” to leave her alone when we were done with our conversation; yet a) I don’t need permission from her to do anything, I’m not her subordinate.  b) this occured at SM Sex Garden, where I am a guardian and if anyone is a subordinate it’s her while she’s there.  Fuck you Rena.

I don’t abuse my powers as a guardian unless you cross the line or break the rules.  Otherwise I treat EVERYONE as an equal, unless I’ve established a relationship with someone and they CHOSE to be my subordinate slave/pet, and even then I don’t treat my subs like shit.  Unless someone gives me a reason to think otherwise like noobtards, grifers, assholes, etc.

So please, don’t use your “master/mistress” status EXCUSE to be an asshole towards me or others.  If you can’t give me common simple respect for me, go fuck your self please. Thank you.


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