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December 30, 2006

The new SL Status Quo: SNAFU

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I find it hillarious how they mention that all these diffrent database issues are NOT related to each other. How the hell can they NOT be? All morning they had a hard drive in thier array go bad, makes me wonder how old thier array is? How often are they failing? It seem the majority of thier problems is when there are too many “things” going on in world. Be it 20,000 users logged in at once, 2 million accounts created. Or waiting hours for the grid to comeback online so those 20k users can flood the grid again. Not supprising a hardware failure would be due to all these users getting on trying to do the same thing (like.. um.. WALKING.)

I’m not going to pretend I know what they are doing, and how they are running it. From a end users perspective it’s just getting worse. Status Quo is “Database problems.” This is what SNAFU really means. Most people use “snafu” to refer to a mistake, a one time thing that dosen’t always happen. However the letters stand for “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up” which implies it’s always “fucked up” in it’s normal state of existance; i.e. status quo. It’s not a random thing, SL is always laggy, slow, things don’t rez. Teleports work half the time. Can’t walk strait, building/editing object won’t “keep.” This is SL’s status quo to be fucked up.

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